Systemlösungen für Informationstechnologie, Identtechnik und Elektronik

RxSoft GmbH übernimmt Optiware EDV GmbH zum 23.09.2013

Mit der Übernahme durch RxSoft GmbH wird der Geschäftsbetrieb der Optiware EDV GmbH...

Optiware is...

known since 1984 for intelligent concepts and project know how in the domains of information and ID technology. Our longterm experience and reliable hard and software provides adequate and economically efficient solutions for the mailroom


OptiKEP reads ID cards

Even more realiable delivery by reading identity cards

Using OptiKEP version 8.1 and with appropriate mobile devices installed,
OptiKEP brings even more reliability to the delivery of mail and parcels by
reading employee's identity cards. The system's comprehensive archive shows
if the information has been typed in manually or read from a chip card.